Zoom Setup-Step by Step


  1. Start Zoom (or download the free Zoom app).
  2. Un-mute your microphone.
  3. On the bottom left, click the arrow next to the camera icon.
  4. Click on video settings.

  1. Select 16:9 and Enable HD.
  2. Select Touch up appearance
  3. Pay attention to your background that the camera sees.

Virtual backgrounds may look funky, but try them. They work better if you have a green screen. See AVC’s Green Screen Behind the Scenes

  • “Recording” asks where on your hard drive you want to save the recording.
  • Add your photo in “Profile.”

Use earbuds or a headset with a microphone, rather than your computer’s microphone; you’ll get better sound.

Read Stu Sweetow’s article about Pro Audio for Your Camcorder

Modern bedside table lamp narrow footprint rectangular linen | Etsy

A table lamp behind your computer, phone or iPad, or two at either side will illuminate your face and avoid nasty shadows. If you have glasses, you may need to elevate them to remove glare.

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