Looking Your Best On Camera

Tips on clothing choices that work best on camera.
The moire effect occurs when the subject wears a top with fine lines or patterns.
Avoid tops with fine lines or patterns


by Stuart Sweetow of Audio Visual Consultants

If you will be speaking on camera, please wear a shirt or blouse with a collar, or a jacket with a lapel; we may clip on a little microphone there. If you will be standing or walking on camera, please wear slacks or a skirt with a waistband or a belt; the other end of the microphone has a little power supply that attaches to a waistband or belt. Plan to hide, inside your clothing, the cord that connects the microphone to the belt pack. Your producer can show you how that works.

Softer, muted colors are the best colors to wear, such as tan, gray, light brown, muted teal, muted green and muted blue.  Solid colors are best. Avoid fine dots, stripes and tight patterns. Avoid very glossy, sequined or metallic clothing.

GLASSES: Please avoid photo-sensitive glasses. They may look like sunglasses under lights.

MAKEUP: Use very sparingly in all areas unless directed otherwise.

EYES: Eyeliner and mascara are okay if used lightly. Eye shadow should be avoided, especially dark colors or vibrant blues.

FACE: Use powder that closely matches your skin coloring. Be extremely cautious with blush because normal shades may stand out garishly on video.

LIPS: Use lighter color lipstick. Stay away from deep reds and extremely glossy types.

We can provide a professional makeup artist for the on-camera presenters. If you have questions about wardrobe or makeup, bring several options.


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