Live Streaming Funeral Services


Setting up a live streaming funeral
Stu Sweetow sets up cameras and streaming equipment for a funeral service. Photo by: Alan Cash

Live Streaming Funeral Services

When the CDC recommended to funeral homes that they provide live video streaming, AVC was all prepared. Funeral homes were limited to 10 in the chapel, so they were delighted to offer streaming to the others who could not attend.

We have live streamed several events for organizations, and we know how to tie directly into the facility equipment, rather than use WiFi which could be unreliable. We use microphones for clear audio, and we follow CDC safety guidelines for keeping everyone safe. We give the family a high resolution archive of the service.

It was great working with you. The professionalism was very high. Your ideas made things work much better. And, the technology worked impeccably. Gordon G.

Alan Cash, our streaming technician, wrote two articles for his website blog about different funeral services that we have live streamed together.  Here are links to them:

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Read below that Dear Abby recommends live streaming of funerals.

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