Family History Project

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Join AVC as we use modern technology to preserve family history.

Click to see one minute opening to a family history video we made.

Now it is your turn.

Bring your photos, videos and stories to our studio. Let us maintain those memories with a custom-made digital MP4 video on a thumb drive or on a DVD disc.  The thumb drive or DVD has a menu with chapters, so you and your family can view what they want, when they want. And we can make a special version for YouTube or your family website!

Take it a step further with professionally-filmed interviews in your home or at our studio.  With soft lights and an unobtrusive microphone, let us gently capture those stories before they are lost.

You can give your children and grandchildren a family biography to pass along to their offspring.

Email us or phone 510-839-2020 and let’s discuss your family history video.

Let’s make a gift today

for the children of tomorrow.

AVC Video Production

Green Certified by Alameda County

California Department of General Services Small Business Supplier #45988

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