Digital Video Editing

Sizzle Your Video

Here is a “sizzle video” we made for the African American Regional Educational Alliances. At our Oakland video studio, we combined professional video that we shot with client’s photos. Mitch Silver, our senior video editor, applied special effects and his creativity into this Save The Date video.

Work with our editor to help bring your videos to life with AVConsultants editing service.  Whether you want to produce an elegant professional video, a dynamic promotional video, or simply clean up your home movies and create a DVD with a custom menu – we have the experience and flexibility to help you achieve your vision.  Add pictures, titles, tasteful graphics, subtle transitions, and engaging music.  Work with a professional to improve the sound and look of your videos with digital tools and effects.

We are versed in the often confusing world of video formats and codecs.  MP4, Quicktime MOV, Windows Media and more  We can encode your videos, ensuring high quality, and help you decide which format is appropriate.

We want to work with you as efficiently as possible, to keep your cost down. Creating an edit decision list (EDL) helps. If we will be editing your video, please take a look at our guide to EDLs.

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