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Zoom Requiring Passwords

Zoom beefs up security
Zoom announced requirement for passwords or meeting rooms.

Zoom video conferencing, announced that as of Sept 27, 2020, they will require passwords or activation of waiting rooms. There is a way to bypass this. Read their notice here, and contact us so we can help you set up a Zoom video conference of your own.

  • For meetings that do not have either a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled by September 27th, Zoom will enable a Waiting Room for you.

  • You can customize the Waiting Room experience so individuals within your account, or on an approved list of domains, can bypass the Waiting Room and directly join the meeting.

  • You can find meetings that are scheduled without a Passcode or Waiting Rooms by pulling the following report.

  • We have also improved our Waiting Room notifications so the meeting host can now receive a visual and auditory notification that an attendee has entered the Waiting Room.

For more details, including a comprehensive FAQ document, please visit our Support page.

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