Live Streaming Hybrid Conferences

What is a Hybrid Conference?

An educational event that is both live streamed on Zoom and held in person is a live streamed hybrid conference.

Hybrid is the term used when a conference is presented both live in the meeting room and virtual with presenters who are part of a Zoom conference. In this case, about 100 attendees were on site and another 100 were joining virtually on Zoom.

Case Study: Decision Education Foundation Hybrid Symposium

Conducted on Zoom and live at Stanford, Audio Visual Consultants provided live streaming for Decision Education Foundation. This is a short demo showing remote presenters from Oregon and Germany, as well as on-site presenters, PowerPoint slides, and audience interaction.

The Decision Education Foundation provides instruction for high school students in a decision-making technique. They asked us to livestream their 20th annual conference that was presented at the Stanford Faculty Club

How We Help Support Your Hybrid Zoom and In Person Conferences

We visited the club two weeks in advance to test the Ethernet connection and to determine camera positions. That gives us time to order additional equipment and work with the AV company to make sure we get good sound and lighting. We set up the day prior to get the cables in place and test the audio with the AV crew.

On the day of the event, we sat next to the client with their computer. They arranged for us to be a Zoom participant, and they spotlighted us, so that we were full frame. We sent them the signal from our three cameras that we switched live.

They had PowerPoint slides from the on-site presenters. We had one pre-recorded video that was incorporated into the Zoom webcast and one live presenter from Germany.

Live Video Meeting Streaming and Your SEO

Live video presentations improve the SEO (search engine optimization) with Google. We made a high-resolution recording that they posted on their website. We post client videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. That exposure also helps their visibility. Our website is over 20 years old and chock full of videos. A link from our website also helps their SEO.

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