Scriptwriting at Audio Visual Consultants?

Case study to help client with scriptwriting

In Hollywood, the person who re-writes a script is called a “script doctor.” Stu Sweetow at AVC had the chance to help a client move his scriptwriting from good enough to knock your socks off!

Dave developed an app and is making a video to promote it. He chose not to use AVC for video production because he had a friend who would help him with shooting and editing. Dave provided some basic copy for the video and asked his friend for suggestions on the script. His friend admitted that he had little experience with scriptwriting.

So, Dave contacted Audio Visual Consultants’ Owner, Stu Sweetow, who had written Corporate Video Production   One of the chapters explains how scriptwriting is a boon for business videos.  Stu introduced the chapter with a quote from the 1992 movie, The Player:

“I was just thinking what an interesting concept it is to eliminate the writer from the artistic process. If we could just get rid of these actors and directors, maybe we’ve got something here.”

Dave and Stu had several conversations, and Dave contracted for scriptwriting consultation.

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Stu’s suggestions included understanding the audience and speaking to their particular interests. He recommended that the opening and closing scenes be the most powerful, and he suggested that Dave record alternate openings and closings so he would have choices.  Stu emphasized that, when writing scripts, the audio and video should complement one another, and he included sources for obtaining stock images. On a practical side, Stu suggested adding scene numbers as part of the scriptwriting process, and double spacing it to make it easy to write changes.

Dave’s final script would have an attention-grabbing opening, visual variety throughout the script and a knock-out ending with a call for action. Scriptwriting for video is like architecture for buildings. A good plan helps create an excellent outcome.

A good reference for scriptwriting for business videos is Scriptwriting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Script

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