Live video streaming with pro camera

Live Video Streaming

Bay area conferences and meeting planners can extend the reach of their events by incorporating live video streaming. A professional video crew can set up cameras and audio from the meeting venue. Using Zoom or other streaming services, people may attend virtually on their computers or mobile devices. Livestreamed events can originate from meeting spaces, banquet halls and conference centers in San Francisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley.

Stu with IMag camera, filming president of Kaiser Permanente at the Craneway Pavilion.

Hybrid Conferences

A limited number of attendees onsite at the conference, combined with live streaming video, is sometimes referred to as a “Hybrid Conference.” The video crew sets up cameras and microphones at the event at the meeting room. Rather than use WiFi, they connect to the facility’s internet by plugging into the Ethernet connection. A direct, wired connection is more secure and reliable than WiFi.

Connecting to the Internet for Live Video Streaming events

Wireless Wi-Fi can sometimes interfere the bandwidth required for video and audio streaming. That can happen when people, who share the WiFi network, are downloading files or conducting Zoom calls while you are trying to stream video. A wired Ethernet cable is usually the preferred way of handling live video streaming. Either way, make sure that the upload speed is at least 8 Mbps (megabits per second).  To be safe look for 50+ Mpbs. That’s upload speed, not download speed. You can test your internet speed here: Internet Speed Test

More Video Streaming Information

Oakland Conference recording with pro cameras and audio

Customer Comments

“Stu, this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much! We can now embed this – and all our other video assets in suitable ways on our own website. Thanks so much for moving this forward. I would be happy for our site to provide an appropriate ‘credit’ and link.”

Jerome S. Engel, Executive Director
Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
University of California, Berkeley

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