YouTube Captions Your Videos – Automatically

Speech-to-text technology can boost Google page rank.


YouTube now uses speech recognition technology to automatically make captions available. These transcriptions highlight the keywords that Google recognizes when producing search results, and is a benefit to anyone wanting to improve their Google page rank.

To see how this works, click on the video below, then click on the “Transcripts” icon that is below the video image.

Conference Marketing w/ Testimonials

Below is what the Transcripts icon looks like. You have to click on the icon to display the word “Transcript.”

Here is part of the transcript that YouTube created from the above video. Since it is based on speech recognition, it is far from perfect, but the keywords get noticed by Google.

0:40 lawyers for legal advice
0:48 investors investing advice dangerous for all of the other important stuff
0:53 have you found the company when you come you need to come from outside the
0:56 background
0:59 green technology and also i don’t really like everyone degree academic matter
1:05 blending thinking about it it really gets in your mind

The transcription-to-text allows Google to search your video for keywords that would be relevant when someone performs a Google search. This is a benefit for organizations and individuals that want to be found via Google search.

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