“I regret not hiring a professional videographer.”


The Knot is the probably the most popular wedding planning magazine and website. The number-one regret that brides report is not hiring a professional videographer. 

Knotties Biggest Wedding Regrets

From a drama-filled bachelorette party to a shiny-faced bride — check out the biggest wedding regrets from Knotties on our Snarky Brides board so you don’t make the same ones! In a nutshell: Leave it to the pros.

1. “I regret not hiring a professional videographer. There were so many funny, sentimental, thoughtful, surprising, best-day-of-our-life moments that I wish were captured on video.” — mobridetobe

2. “My biggest regret is not factoring in what a huge pain it would be taking everything down at the end of the reception. The cost savings of DIY tend to disappear when you remember that you have to provide table linens, silverware, coffee cups, etc., AND take it all down…in your wedding dress.” — ohwhynot

3. “My only real regret is not having my makeup professionally done so that I wasn’t a shiny face three hours in.” — AmoroAgain

4. “My biggest wedding regret was having eight bridesmaids and nine groomsmen. My bachelorette party was a drama-filled disaster. We were late to our own reception because two bridal party members wandered off between the wedding and the reception and were nowhere to be found.” — goheels05

5. “My biggest wedding regret was having a family friend take photos instead of hiring a photographer. She had a lot of heart, but the pictures were really disappointing.” — betrothed123

6. “My biggest regret was trying to entertain too many out-of-town guests. I was so grateful that our family and friends traveled to be at our wedding, but I got so little sleep the two nights before. I was exhausted on my wedding day. — COkristi

7. “I wish I would have paid more attention to the photographer’s ‘must-have’ photo list. We didn’t get photos with all the family.” — LesPaul

8. “So far I regret not having my invitations done professionally. I did them myself on my computer and printer, and it was a major pain in the a*s!” — mssillysarah

9. “I regret worrying so much about my MIL’s behavior before the wedding. Yes, she did some things that were annoying, but I didn’t even notice that day. I was way too into my wedding day to bother getting worked up over her, and I wish I had known that to save me weeks of prewedding worry.” — MeaghanandMichael

10. “I regret letting the wedding become bigger than we originally wanted it. While I loved our entire wedding day, I always felt we didn’t give enough face time to all of our guests.” — Nebb

11. “My biggest wedding regret is being too cheap to get my dress bustled! I dragged it around all night and tripped over it way too many times.” — kikibaby

12. “I wish I would have done a photo booth at the reception.” — twilight.rose

13. “I regret choosing a dress too early. I didn’t have the money to buy a new one, but I didn’t like the style a year later.” — barbbhoww

14. “Having a family member make my cake is my wedding regret. While she was a trained pastry chef and the cake was delicious, it just didn’t have a great presence.” — drwedding2

— Anne Roderique-Jones

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