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Video Sponsors for Your Meetings and Conferences

Oakland video production company chosen by Oakland First Fridays

Oakland video production service, Audio Visual Consultants, produced this and other videos to help market the virtual Oakland First Fridays.

The budget for a nonprofit or corporate conference can soar, especially in the Oakland/ San Francisco Bay Area. Costs include production of the event, marketing, venue fees, personnel, audio visual and more. You can offset many of these expenses by securing sponsors. Event sponsors can be your organizations’ suppliers, banks, local businesses, and individuals who support your cause. Let’s talk about Oakland Video Sponsors for events.

Organizations may already show the logos of their sponsors and sometimes give them a shout-out at the close of the event. But to secure robust sponsors, consider using video production as a tool to secure their partnerships.

Call them TV commercials. Short marketing videos can be a win-win solution. They help promote the business and they bring in cash or in-kind donations. They can be documentary storytelling type of video or a news format interview.

Oakland’s First Fridays Chose AVC Video to Produce Sponsor Commercials

When Covid struck, Oakland First Fridays contracted with Oakland video production company, Audio Visual Consultants, to produce commercials for their virtual event. AVC made short videos for three retail stores and one artist. These are some of the sponsors of Oakland First Fridays

First up was the sustainable coffee shop, Mud Lab. According to Mud Lab,

“When you bring us a 12oz or 16oz jar (either MudLab’s or your own) we’ll give you a freshly sanitized jar and in turn sanitize your jar for another future customer to use! This system allows us to keep customers and staff safe amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and ensure jars are reused rather than discarded.”

They are on a mission to “reduce waste, promote zero-waste practices, and provide affordable, sustainable items to the community. Additionally, we work to support and promote local artisans, especially women and BIPOC from our community.  Lastly, we conduct monthly lake clean-ups in collaboration with the Rotary Nature Center Friends to help reduce waste around our beautiful Lake Merritt and to educate the community about the impact of environmental waste. Since 2017, we have prevented 1,757 lbs of waste through our reusable jars and products sold and collected over 2,000 bags of trash.”

Video filming at MudLab included pre-production planning with a site survey to determine camera locations, how to use lighting and what actions would be most appropriate to videotape. We look for keywords that will engage the audience. An effective video can have a high conversion rate.

First Fridays selected Oakland Video Production company Audio Visual Consultants to make their marketing videos.

Next, we brought our video production crew on location to film at Uptown’s Marwa Market and Grill, another of Oakland First Friday’s supporters. The store has a wide assortment of delicious Afghan and middle-eastern foods including halal meats and groceries, kabobs, naan baked fresh daily, spices, bulk foods and more.

With a pro camera and wireless microphone, AVC’s experienced video production team Interviewed the owner and showed examples of the delicious food, both prepared at the steam table and shelves of ethnic food specialties

AVC’s video recording included wireless microphone for clear sound and a pro Sony camera for sharp images. We even created titles in the lower third of the screen to identify who was speaking.

Production planning included working with one of First Friday’s staffers who arranged the shooting schedule.

Uptown Body and Fender has been a sponsor of Oakland First Fridays from the start. The shop displays artwork from local artists. Oakland video production company, Audio Visual Consultants, has made several videos for Uptown. In this video, AVC’s Stu Sweetow interviews the owners to discuss the art shows currently on display.

Co-owners Mike Tran and Giovanna Tanzillo prepared this video to support Oakland First Fridays. The 30-year-old shop helps customers streamline their insurance claims. Uptown calls themselves a “community body shop” because they offer their space for fundraising for artists, schools and Oakland nonprofits.

Their tagline is: “We meet the most amazing people by accident.” Here is the video we made for them in 2015

Uptown Body and Fender chose Oakland Video Production Company, Audio Visual Consultants for their marketing video

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