Oakland Video Production Markets Commercial Leasing in Oakland

Oakland video production company, Audio Visual Consultants, was selected to make a video production of the groundbreaking ceremony. Mayor Libby Schaaf and several other City of Oakland representatives grabbed shovels and dug in. Audio Visual Consultants, AVC Video, videotaped the corporate event with the direction of client—Full Court Press.

Oakland commercial leasing company, Ellis Partners, was instrumental in this property development. Oakland video production company, avconsultants, provided on-location video production using two Sony professional video cameras and digital video editing to complete the Oakland video production.

The client provided drawings and photos to AVC’s video editor, Mitch Silver. Mitch used special effects, animated text graphics and cool music to create a marketing video to boost commercial leasing at the Key. Drawings depicting future use of the building show employees and residents enjoying the open space design elements. 

Oakland’s green state-of-the-art office tower, features an efficient side core floor plan that maximizes light and air in both open and traditional workspaces. With retail space at the ground floor, the top floors feature an innovative sky deck with direct access to the sky deck of the adjacent building.

The 12th street BART station is adjacent to the entrance of The Key and is the hub of the Bay Area’s transit system. At one time, commuter trains, called the Key System had its hub in Oakland. In 1943, the building became the headquarters for the Key System transit line, which at the time ran all of the local streetcar systems in the East Bay and a line across the Bay Bridge. The building continues to be an important contributor to the Downtown Oakland Historic District and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Full Court Press, produced the two corporate events to help market commercial leasing. They chose Oakland video production company, Audio Visual Consultants to document these Oakland events. The video became the center point of the video marketing plan for commercial leasing in Oakland.

Their client, Ellis Partners is one of Northern California’s leading commercial real estate investors and developers with a focus on the acquisition, entitlement, development, renovation and repositioning of office, retail, industrial, residential and mixed-use properties.

Completing the real estate marketing team was Intercontinental real estate corporation Intercontinental’s mission is to provide institutional quality, client-mandated real estate investment management strategies structured to protect and grow capital with risk-adjusted returns–provided with transparency, pro-active communication, excellent service, and continuous improvement.

Oakland Video of the Topping Off Ceremony

Oakland video production company, AVC Video, was chosen to document the topping off ceremony.

This marketing video combines the groundbreaking event and the topping off event into a single promotional video to help commercial leasing. Ellis Partners’ Will Miller said, “We’re not just building beautiful buildings, we’re not just renovating historic buildings, we’re investing in the community. And at the same time, we’re creating a phenomenal workplace opportunity for tenants who are getting the Oakland story.”

About a year after the groundbreaking event, Oakland’s Audio Visual Consultants, was chosen to document the traditional corporate event of topping off the building with the final beam. Again, Mayor Libby Schaaf and others who helped make the Key at 12th a reality, were there. The mayor thanked the workers who built the innovative building.

AVC’s video crew ran a long video cable from the roof down to the main floor where attendees could watch the topping off ceremony in real time. 

According to Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, “We are one of the most sustainable, vital, exciting, diverse cities on the planet. This project exemplifies that.

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