Tip When Interviewing a Man

Prince Harry’s bare leg appeared during Oprah’s interview.

Okay; I’m envious. I wish I were Oprah’s on-location director. I would have asked Prince Harry to pull up his socks.

I wrote about the importance of covering all the details when women or men appear on camera. Here is an excerpt from my book, Corporate Video Production.

In Chapter 10 of my book, I discuss working with talent, coaching the executive, and appearing on camera yourself.

You may read sample pages here. It is the Amazon page for my book. Click the top left “Look Inside” link.

Read guides and download forms at the Corporate Video Production Website. Here you will find:

  • Corporate Video Case Studies: video links for other examples of corporate video.
  • Marketing Yourself: a guide for how to best promote yourself as a videomaker in the corporate environment.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: an exploration of green screen, soft lighting, and makeup (including color stills).
  • Directing: a demonstration of the shots and technique behind a safety training film (including color stills).
  • Downloadable Forms: a collection of downloadable checklists, forms, and guides useful in video production.
  • Glossary: an in-depth glossary of video production terminology.
  • Links: offering resources to organizations, paperwork, and equipment retailers related to corporate video production.
  • Bookshelf: a selection of related titles published by Focal and Routledge.

Call me if you wish to learn more about video production. I provide private classes and tutoring, as well as instruction to use Zoom for San Francisco virtual meetings. Contact me to discuss a Bay Area video production.

Stu Sweetow, Owner/Producer, Audio Visual Consultants

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