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Create Your Own YouTube Page
Google’s YouTube is an Amazing Marketing Tool

Create a YouTube Channel for Marketing


YouTube recently reported on analytics—a marketing tool to focus on reaching your target markets. It’s spots patterns in your videos so you can attract the kinds of clients you want. Here is YouTube’s video that explains analytics.

YouTube’s Creator Academy

The free Creator Adademy shows you how to create your own thumbnails, how to write effective titles and what to write in the descriptions.

The Academy includes instructions to create a card at the end of your screen. A card can be your call to action with a link to your website page. That can be a page to buy products or raise funds for your nonprofit. Here is YouTube’s video about cards.

Additionally, YouTube shows you how to keep your channel fresh. They discuss creating new videos with a common theme. The show you how to create playlists of your videos to encourage visitors to view related videos and share them with others. The YouTube Academy has lots more to help with marketing programs. YouTube’s video about staying fresh.

AVC Consultants on YouTube

Oakland’s Audio Visual Consultants provides YouTube consulting for San Francisco Bay Area marketing. We can help you learn to produce videos for your YouTube channel and how to embed your YouTube videos onto y our website. Google owns YouTube, and having videos on your website helps you get noticed on Google.

Here is AV Consultants’ YouTube page. We invite you to browse, comment and subscribe.

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