Social Media Marketing Tips at Meetup


David Mitroff and Patrick Schwerdtfeger shared tips and techniques for marketing yourself, at this meetup at the Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church.

Event Marketing

David showed how promoting events, even if no one comes, can help increase your Google page rank. He showed ways you can get on calendars of local organizations by using FullCalendar for $20, set up a dedicated event website with links to your own and how to leverage the event content with attendees.

According to David, Wix is a free website creation application, and EventSpot from Constant Contact, with its $20 flat rate, may be a better deal for selling tickets than other applications that take a percentage of your income. He shared a secret that you can conduct three MeetUp groups for as little as $6 per month. David said that he gets higher attendance at his events when he writes over 400 words in the MeetUp description.

Follow-up after events is important to David, “Send to your sign-up list fast or they will forget you.” He recomends including photos of the event and offering a copy of the PowerPoint presentation. He says you should include a request to share the link to his event page and send the after-event info to all who registered, not just those who attended.

See more of David’s tips at his website.

Cultivating Greatness

Patrick explained how you can move beyond your repetitive, habitual thought process to achieve goals larger than you hoped.

His talk included secrets to transform failures into success and how to have a successful mindset.  He shared fascinating studies and incredible stories where people have created success, and he demonstrated how to embrace a “top-down” approach to goal setting and achievement.

One example he gave was of an author who started Authority Publishing, which led to virtual conferences which led to creating the Non-Fiction Authors Association.

Learn more about Patrick here

Videos Boost Google Page Rank

AVC Video‘s Stu Sweetow attended this event to gather information to help clients to boost their sales by sharing videos we produce for them. Please share this blog with your friends and post to your social media. See our guide on Video to Boost Google Page Rank.

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