Sexy At Any Age

nick and judy
Judy and Nick share tips to stay sexy at any age.

Oakland Video Production for Book Trailer

Nick and Judy talk about their upcoming book and share dance, exercise, good food and lots of fun. Filmed at their home in Alameda, Together with AVC Video, we created different scenes to reflect how seniors can have an exciting and romantic life together.

The couple donned their dancing clothes, rolled up the run and danced in their living room. Next, you see them in the dining room and the kitchen. Nick is the cook in the family, and Judy recommends that women find a man who can cook. “Trust me,” she adds.

In their backyard, Nick shows planking to strengthen the abdominal muscles. He explains how it is a safe exercise for seniors because it avoids risks associated with crunches and sit-ups.

AVC Video used this photo of book author, Judy Steinberg, at John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Bed In

Judy, in her youth, participated in John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Bed In” in the 60s. Sharing the bed was also Timothy Leary and Tommy Smothers. Judy saved a photo of that event. Oakland video production company, AVC Video, juxtaposed that old black and white photo with a scene we shot in their bedroom.

Nick and Judy in their bed today. Video production by Audio Visual Consultants

Filmed by AVC Video

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