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Smartphone Videomaking Crash Course

Small hands-on class taught by Stu Sweetow, award-winning digital filmmaker. Use your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or similar mobile device to make a short video in this one-day class.

Course Outline

1. Introductions, discussion of smartphone video features, production apps, YouTube and other distribution platforms
2. Practice: Shooting a small amount of footage with your mobile device.
3Accessories: Demonstrations of external mics, tripod and portable lighting
4. Composition and continuity: Five rules for artistic imagery. Techniques to match shots for smooth, continuous movements
5. Production planning: Concept development, shooting outlines, scriptwriting
6. Video editing: Online editing, apps for editing, incorporating music and effects, YouTube enhancements
7. Production exercise: Each person or crew shoots a video with opening, middle and closing.
8. Film festival: Viewing & sharing videos. Discussing what we’ve learned.

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