Book Trailer: Videos to Promote Authors

Book Trailers We’ve Made

Sexy at any Age

Book trailers are short videos that promote authors’ books.

Nick and Judy talk about their upcoming book and share dance, exercise, good food and lots of fun. Filmed at their home in Alameda, Together with AVC Video, we created different scenes to reflect how seniors can have an exciting and romantic life together.

Saitia Faaifo: Hawaii’s #1 Author and Speaker

Author and Motivational Speaker Saitia Faaifo recently hired AVC to edit together a motivating video compilation, which highlights his latest book realease, keynote speeches, and television, newspaper and magazine appearances. Take a look at an excerpt.

Surviving Chadwick

Surviving Chadwick is Phillip Wilhite’s novel about a bright black teenager whose parents enrolled him in a mostly-white boarding school in southern California.

This one-minute “book trailer” includes a book signing and Mr. Wilhite visiting some of his childhood locales that helped inspire his book.

The Buying Brain

Dr. A.K. Pradeep of Berkeley’s Neurofocus, explains why he wrote the book about using neuroscience for marketing. Filmed by AVC with two hi-def cameras and a green screen, the video helps market Dr. Pradeep’s book.

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