Book Trailer: Video of Oakland Author About Everyday Spirituality

Video of talk about Everyday Spirituality for Everyday People/

Oakland video production company, AVC Video created a book trailer promotional video for Oakland author, Steve Zolno.

Book trailer–53 second introduction to the book

This is the one-hour discussion with Steve Zolno about his book.

Book Trailers

Book promotions or “book trailers” are an effective way to market published books. AVC Video’s Stu Sweetow created the video production in Oakland with author, Steve Zolno.

screenshot of book trailer video featuring bay area author Steve Zolno

According to Oakland author Steve Zolno, “The human condition is one of perpetually seeking fulfillment. There is a constant and continual hole we try to fill with what we believe is missing, whether it be a relationship, a career, a new possession, knowledge, or interaction with a force beyond us. Our lives seem to be lacking what we really want most of the time, but we only are vaguely aware of what that might be.”

Published by Regent Press, Berkeley, CA. Steve Zolno also wrote The Future of Democracy. He gave a talk on it at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club. You can see the book trailer video of his Commonwealth Club here:

Continuing his explanation of why he wrote Everyday Spirituality for Everyday People, Zolno states, “Because we chronically see our lives as unfulfilled, the question we perpetually ask is not if anything is missing, but what is missing. Our spiritual practice or religion provides limited answers. But we think that if we only have the right experience – spiritual or other – we will be fulfilled.

“When we find our lives lacking it is because at some level we believe we miss the connections we once knew. Even if we think our life is essentially material – based on obtaining possessions or winning at competition – we still desire the feeling that comes from the recognition of others. In this book we explore a variety of religious and non-religious paths. Then we examine what we might do – if anything – to bring about the lasting state of inner peace we seek.”

Published by Regent Press, Berkeley, CA. See Steve’s video at the Commonwealth Club about his previous book, The Future of Democracy.… See and hear his talk at the University Press Bookstore… Subscribe to Steve’s website, to receive The Future of Democracy Newsletter. Here is a discussion on the website about the book, Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell…

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