J. The Jewish news weekly of Northern California: 2009 Reader’s Choice 1st Place

J. The Jewish news weekly of Northern California


Thanks to technology, the past becomes alive through video. For events they want to remember forever, j. readers know the very best videographers to capture their special moments.

Stuart Sweetow of Audio Video Consultants in Oakland has been in videography for 25 years, at the most important moments in the lives of thousands of families. “Through the medium of video we’re able to document a particular life cycle ritual and preserve it so that tradition can be replicate throughout the generations,” Sweetow says, “Prior to having video it was pretty much through storytelling that people carried on ritual and traditions.”

In addition to unobtrusive and realistic event shooting and top-of-the-line editing services, Sweetow also can provide a number of specialized services like family history documentaries, montages and highlight reels.

Sweetow is academically dedicated to his craft, as well: He used to teach about videography at U.C. Berkeley extension, and has had over 100 articles published in video magazines.

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  1. Hello Stu
    You may not remember me I was one of the students of Berkeley extension class 25 years ago. We did toilet paper deprivation syndrome. You were in the video as a uc official. I saw you will be talking for SBA. I want you to check out my video. It is on my website see what you think. I used be a sba member. But I am green certified.
    Hopefully I would like to talk to you soon.

    Sung Lee
    Hesperian Cleaners Inc.

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