Guest Blog: Why Your Business Should be Vlogging

With YouTube surpassing Yahoo! as the second largest search engine, and millions of people increasingly watching video on mobile devices, establishing a video blog for your business could be more of a must than a luxury!

For small businesses, start-ups and those generating income from a passion (art, writing, design, existing blogs/websites) the benefit of vlogging is that it provides a human face to your company – giving the customer a more personal, personable experience. People relate and connect, and feel they are purchasing from you as an individual, not just a website.

Here’s plus point: you can focus on the SEO even whilst vlogging. Basically, when vlogging you’re putting up new content that you can link to all over the web on your social media accounts: other people can then ‘like’, retweet or ‘+1’ which, will give you a higher ranking on search engines.

Another great strategy is uploading a written blog or article and embedding an accompanying video: this way you’re appealing to two different types of customers; the ones who read blogs and the ones who watch them. As any student of education will tell you, this appeals to the two different types of recipients: the ‘visual’ and ‘auditory’ categories of viewer.

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