Five Easy YouTube Tips

1. Hook Viewers in the First 15 Seconds
Open your video with upbeat music and a quick montage of shots the viewer will see or would be interested in. Avoid opening credits or someone speaking on camera unless they are really good.
This promo video we made sets the stage with motion graphics and music.
Saitia Faaifo: Hawaii's #1 Author and Speaker
2.  Include a Link to Your Website
Within the Video Manager is “Info and Settings.” That is where you can type the description of the video. Include your website URL such as Every little bit helps you get more traffic to your site.
You can see an example with this video we produced. We included links to two of our client’s websites, their client’s website and our own website URL.
Allegiant Airlines at Oakland Airport
3. Free and Legal Music
YouTube may catch you if you try to use copyrighted music, but they offer over 150,000 music tracks for you to use with your videos, all at no charge. Click on “audio” and a short list comes up. Here is the link to the entire YouTube audio library
4. Use the Captions Feature
YouTube’s transcripts automatically generate captions. You canedit the captions to correct the robot’s errors, and you canupload caption files to replace them with your script or provide captions in other languages.
5. Create a Call to Action
Sometimes called an “end card” this is a link on your video or just words asking the viewer to visit your website or complete a survey. Here is the link to YouTube’s Call to Action instructions.

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