Brilliant Video Class



Brilliant Video Class


Learn how to leverage visual variety with your web videos. See what makes a video brilliant. Understand how video affects Google page rank and audience engagement. Create a plan for your video project.

Course Outline  

1. Video is an exciting marketing tool. See stats on meteoric rise in the use of video by companies small and large.

2. See video samples to demonstrate the various ways video could be used for marketing, startup funding and brand awareness.

3. How to integrate video into social marketing campaigns, and I’ll discuss how Google improves page rank when they see websites with “engagement objects” such as video.

4. Tricks to getting viewers’ attention right away, and how your videos could stand out from the others with quality imagery and compelling stories.

5. Demonstrations of such accessories as tripods, lights and external mics to get optimal video.

6. Editing apps–mobile as well as conventional.

7. Planning your video—individuals/small groups develop ideas and write visual script treatments

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