YouTubes Without Their Logos

YouTube recently announced that users may embed their YouTube videos onto their websites without the YouTube logo visible.  Currently the logo appears in a bottom corner of the video, and some businesses have avoided using YouTube just for that reason. “If you want to build your brand, you don’t want someone else’s logo on your video,” says Stuart Sweetow of

Here is an example of a YouTube video with only our own logo

Here is the YouTube post about logoless videos:

Many of you have asked us for a version of the YouTube player without a YouTube logo, so the video plays without any branding nearby. We’ve now added a simple option to do it. At the end of the video URL in your embed code, just add the code ?modestbranding=1 and the player will show without the YouTube logo in the control bar. Note that a small “YouTube” text label will still show up in the upper-right corner of a paused video when you hover over the player. We’ve published the full list of the player’s possible parameters.

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