Working with Non Professional Talent On Camera

Working with Non Professional Talent On Camera

From Stu Sweetow’s book, Corporate Video.

Excerpt from Chapter 15 on presentation and speech training

Photo by Richard Cash

Supervisory and marketing employees frequently need to give presentations to customers, associations, and community groups. Some people characterize speaking in front of an audience as more frightening than death. However, consultants with specific training are available to help corporate employees create and deliver presentations with ease. These trainers are aware that the employees in their classes are anxious each time they get up in front of the class to make a presentation, so they know how to handle their students with consideration.

From Chapter 10

Training in presentation skills can be a boon to sales staff. They receive training in product features and sales’ techniques, and can benefit from learning how to present themselves with panache. Throughout the training, keep in mind that all individuals express themselves in their own unique ways. This training and coaching should recognize existing presentation skills and build upon those individual strengths.

Conducting a training program such as this not only helps improve the individual’s on-camera presentations, but it may also add to the visibility of the video unit. Some video departments charge other departments for taking classes such as these, and it could help generate revenue.

Whether you are working with executives who must develop their presentation skills, employees who need coaching on how to act natural on-camera, or salespeople who want to wow their customers, the basics of good acting apply: Let your own personality shine through rather than trying to be someone else. Find your individual skills and build on them. Practice, rehearse, and know the material thoroughly; don’t try to wing it. Learn to relax, either by doing some relaxation exercises or simply by being prepared–or both.

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