Archive your tapes and discs

Videotape life limit
Videotapes may look great now, but they do have a limited life.

Video deterioration
In a few years, your video can lose quality and may not even be playable.

Digital transfers performed in-house by experienced technicians.

Digital video MP4 files on a hard drive or thumb drive, also called USB, flash drive, or memory stick. Tapes can wear out in as few as ten years.  An AVC digital transfer to a hard drive, thumb drive or DVD is an archival copy.  We recommend making a second copy to store at a different location.

Personal Attention, Excellent Customer Service

Please call ahead to set up a time to bring in your videos in just about any format. We can take a quick look at them and discuss the best options for you. If you bring in a hard drive or a thumb drive, please make sure it is erased, or we can erase it for you.


Yes, we still make DVDs, and we use industrial-grade blank DVD discs. For a small added fee we can print right on the disc—no paper labels to peel off.  We also offer custom graphic design and deluxe packaging.

Audio, too

Audio cassettes are quickly becoming a relic of the past.  Preserve them by bringing them to AVC to be transferred to an MP3 file or to a CD.  We can upload MP3 files so you can get them on your computer and not even need to use a thumb drive or portable hard drive.


We can transfer your videos to & from VHS, DVD, Mini-DV, Beta-SP, Digital 8, 8mm, and Hi-8 tape.


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