Transformational 2-day glowshop/broshop

Take a minute to see architect, Steve Swearengen explain the benefits of taking the GLOW workshop for men Oct 21 and 22 in Berkeley

From the moment we were born, connection with others was a natural instinct, but we often get derailed by the intense demands of modern life. The pace we keep combined with technology is causing us to lose touch with ourselves

At this transformational 2-day glowshop/broshop you will:

Move from making assumptions to living with curiosity

Raise the standards in your life by changing your beliefs and stories

Transform your rules and the map of your life to create alignment in all of your relationships

Connect with a community of like-hearted individuals who share the same desire for more fulfillment

Take the time to focus on what you want and how to get it NOW!

Katie Macks explains why shew presents the GLOW workshops

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