Tips to Increase Google Page Rank with Video

Here are ways to optimize your use of video to increase your Google Page Rank.

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Tips to Increase Google Page Rank with Video

Here are ways to optimize your use of video to increase your Google Page Rank.


Insert keywords into the file names of the videos you post to your website and to YouTube. Use keyword-rich captions such as “hats oakland,” or “gourmet pizza east bay.”


Since YouTube (owned by Google), has a high PageRank, your website will automatically enjoy higher rankings if you let YouTube host your videos.  When you post to YouTube, they display an embed code that you can copy and paste into your own website.


“Engagement objects” are features that Google looks for when determining a site’s ranking. Engagement objects include video, audio, interactivity and maps.  They enhance the user’s experience and therefore engage them


Social networking sites are good places to post links of your videos. Ask your customers and friends to visit those sites, copy your links and post them to other networking sites they visit.  Ask them to post your links to their blog or to their website. With all these links, Google increases your Page Rank.


Encourage your fans to also bookmark your site.  While used primarily for music, political and humorous videos, your fans can bookmark your videos and share their bookmarks to help you leverage that site’s Page Rank


In addition to YouTube, it is a good idea to post your videos to other UGC sites such as Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and


You may have read about the guys who put an iPhone in a blender, filmed the process and posted the video on the internet.  The humorous nature of the video paired with the human curiosity of the visitors, resulted in viewers sending links of the video to their friends, and made this an instant sensation.  The video earned over seven million views, and the website became a partner in selling $400 Blendtec blenders online.

The Human Skateboard is a 30 second stop-motion animation of one guy riding another as a skateboard.  Clever camera angles and tricks not possible on a regular skateboard, earned it 1.7 million views.  The end of the video displays the website where you may purchase $70 skateboard shoes.

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