Stanford Prison Experiment’s Zimbardo & Daniel Ellsberg

AVC was pleased to film Phil Zimbardo and Daniel Ellsberg discussing New Heroism, what Zimbardo wants to create as the opposite of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Why are some people willing to take courageous nonviolent action in defense of ethical principles, even at personal risk to themselves? This video captures that conversation and calls for a new era of truth-telling or whistle blowing by citizens privy to crucial and often classified information that the public deserves to know. Together with Phillip Zimbardo, known for the Stanford Prison Experiment, Ellsberg calls for a new ethic of accountability by those leaders who govern the United States, its judiciary and its military.

Moderated by Bill Roller of the Berkeley Group and Family Therapy Institute this DVD is the conversation with Ellsberg and Zimbardo. They challenge ordinary people to do extraordinary things—to envision themselves as active and empowered and willing to take calculated risks in the service of their conscience and their fellow citizens. This defines the New Heroism. Students of psychology, sociology, political science, and recent United States history will find much to learn from this poignant and historic encounter.

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  1. Nice job, Stuart. I read about Zimbardo’s prison experiment in college many times. What an amazing study and researcher.

    Keep up the good work,

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