QVC Study – Keep Videos Under 90 Seconds

How long will website visitors continue to view your web video? Certainly the quality of the video and the audience are crucial factors. However QVC did a study a while ago that showed that viewers’ attentions start falling about 90 seconds in.


Read the report here.

How can you get viewers to stay with your video? Here are some key steps to take:

  1. Use a clever title. Not one that has a celebrity name or is deceiving, but come up with a title that compels viewers to click. Titles such as “Five Ways to…”  or “Secrets to Better…” offer visitors content that they can use.
  2. Open with an appealing scene, or use the photo montage technique of several scenes or images changing as music plays.
  3. Use pictures to tell your story, rather than show you or a “talking head” speaking.  Yes, you can speak on camera, but keep it short, get camera coaching if you are new to this and add photos or video clips during the time your are speaking. Visual variety keeps visitors watching.
  4. Make sure the lighting and audio are clear. You don’t want to lose viewers because they can’t see or hear what you are saying.
  5. Direct your video to your specific audience. Understand what they already know about the subject and speak to their level.

For more information read our Guide to Video Production, under Articles and Guides, on our website.

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