Video Blog: Laura’s “Cancer the Teacher”

video blog of Laura Rennard
Laura chose AVC to produce eight videos to document her journey with cancer.

View the following videos to see Laura’s legacy for her clients, friends and associates who survive cancer. Her stories and see her working with art, movement and even hats.  We filmed these in 2014 and 2015.

Brighten Your World Part 1


Brighten Your World Part 2


Brighten Your World Part 3


Art Therapy


Managing Symptoms


Soul Purpose


Oceanic Adventures


Healing Through Exuberance

July 9, 2015. Final video

Through my struggle with chemo, a surprising passion evolved as I found ways to cope with the symptoms and losses associated with the treatment. I discovered a new look which incorporates hats and earrings in a way that brings me great joy. As I radiate this joy, the world reflects it back to me. I’m healing, having fun and I am “sassy with cancer”. Let the hat show begin!

Laura made her own website with videos we made for her, videos she made of herself and other videos.



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