Decision Education Foundation Hybrid Symposium

Oakland video production company AVC-Video provided hybrid video streaming at Stanford Faculty Club

Video production for the live-streaming event started with production planning from our Oakland video studio. AVC-Video has previously provided Zoom consulting for Palo Alto’s Decision Education Foundation (DEF). We provided camera consultation onsite, showed them how to use lighting and microphones and gave them an equipment list.

We recommended a Sony camera that is designed for “vlogging” or video blogging. Wireless microphones, directional microphones and lighting helped complete the equipment list for them. They brought their camera to the event, and it was employed as an additional camera during the audience Q and A after the main talks,

Preproduction planning for hybrid events with live streaming includes a site visit. Oakland’s AVC-Video technician went to the Stanford Faculty Club several weeks prior to the video production. We plug in directly to the Ethernet at the facility’s internet router. Rather than rely on WiFi, which may be subject to interference, direct-wired Ethernet connections give our client robust audio and video signals. We provide a hard-wired connection using long Cat-5 cables for secure connections to the internet.

Whether we produce webcasts in San Francisco, the Bay Area or the East Bay, AVC-Video’s technician also tests the microphones and other audio connections at the venue. When the venue uses an outside AV company, as was the case, we try to arrange a time to conduct our site survey together with them. In this case, the AV company provided a large video screen that we sent live Zoom audio and video to. Preproduction planning to test the internet and AV helps ensure that the live-streamed hybrid event will go smoothly.

AVC-video’s video crew arrives at the venue 2-3 hours prior to event start time. We run Ethernet cables, set up our pro cameras, coordinate video streaming with the client, add graphics and pre-recorded videos to our computer and test everything, well in advance of starting.

We sometimes perform a tech rehearsal a few days prior to the event. When there are remote presenters, virtual event participants and a script or run-of-show, a rehearsal is a preproduction tool that helps the hybrid livestreaming video event go smoothly.

Audio is the first name of our company, Audio Visual Consultants. It is an vital part of any educational program, conference or meeting. If the viewers cannot clearly hear what the presenters have to say, they may miss important information. We use professional wireless microphones, and we bring adapters to tap into the sound board to send the clear audio to our cameras.

High-resolution recordings of the proceedings help extend the audience for the hybrid event. Not only will it be watched by those who were not able to attend, the video recordings become educational content for the organizations’ websites. Website videos boost search engine optimization (SEO) and help extend the reach of the organization.

“Save-the-Date” Oakland Video Production

Save-the-date videos are short, sizzle videos that organizations use to promote future events. These are marketing tools to increase the audience for future live streaming or hybrid meetings. Oakland video production company Audio Visual Consultants, produces these save-the-date videos using Adobe After Effects and other video post-production apps. AVC-Video’s editor, Mitch Silver, who has been the chief video editor for AVC for 14 years, produced sizzle videos for his previous employer and for other organizations.

Conferences, meetings, symposiums, workshops–all need attendees to be successful. The save-the-date video can be shown at the end of a conference to plant the seed for attendees to mark their calendars for the next event. As the new event approaches, the conference organizers can send emails with links to the save-the-date video and signup information. Since the video is short, it may be posted directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to further the reach of the organization.

Here is an example of a save-the-date sizzle videos that AVC-Video makes for one of our clients.

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