Creative Editing of Your Videos

AVC produced this video without a camera! Client provided footage and we wrote script, added graphics and recorded a narration.

Mitch Silver is the Audio Visual Consultants editor, and here is a video he made for our client using their photos and video clips. Together with the Oakland client, I, Stu Sweetow, wrote the video script, and Mitch created motion graphics to demonstrate some of the metrics they spoke about. This was for a Bay Area nonprofit organization; they secured the rights for us to use the video news story about Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas.

As a San Francisco video production company with extensive professional video experience, we used the storytelling approach.

Here are links to other videos

UC Berkeley environmental health department chose AVC Video make this short documentary film.
Produced several years ago, AVC employed narration and filming a talking circle.
Family leave is available from employers now. Hopefully our efforts with this short documentary helped.

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