Online Video Ads for Retail Stores

Recent market research shows that video on your website increases the odds of your site appearing on the first page in a Google search. Many merchants are using their websites to sell products online. Now they can add videos to boost their Google Page Ranks.

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Online Video Ads for Retail Stores


Many merchants are using their websites to sell products online.  Now they can add videos to boost their Google PageRanks.  Use that time between customers to beef up your website, join forums, write blogs and promote your video by sending links of the video file to everyone you know.  Here are some ideas to approach the planning of your website video.

Documentary: Interview the store owner, show shots of merchandise and signage, combine audio of interview with merchandise shots.

News Style: Hire an actor to interview store owner, actor’s voice over merchandise and signage shots.

Music Video Montage: Soundtrack is music only, with shots of merchandise, signage.  Use still photos and add motion to them.

Instructional Video: Show the process of producing some of the merchandise.  Owner can demonstrate or show clips from manufacturers’ videos.

Testimonial: Interview customers who are excited about the store and ask them to explain how the products or services benefited them.

Introduce the Owner: Owner looks at the camera and welcomes visitor to website.  Works best when brief and when owner is engaging.

Website videos work best when they engage the viewer.  They should be short in length and robust in style.  Combine two or more styles.  Try to avoid the talking head; rather find a combination of visuals and sound that tell your story without you having to read it to the viewer.

Use techniques of composition and color to make the video attractive to the eye.  Think creatively so your video reflects your store’s personality and speaks to your prospective customers.  Make sure the camera work is smooth and steady and that zooms are not overused.  Careful attention to editing avoids the amateur-choppiness and assures the video maintains its appeal.  You don’t want scenes where the action appears to jump from shot to shot.  It takes a little more time to produce a visually-appealing video, and the results will make it worth the effort.

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