The Secret Behind the Puppy Love Commercial

Web videos are similar to commercials. You need to keep them short and interesting to grab audience attention. Budweiser debuted “Puppy Love” during the Super Bowl, and it has gotten nearly 50 million additional views on YouTube.

The creators of this endearing commercial recently shared their secrets on Mashable. Scriptwriter Danny Dantonio from the ad agency Anomoly says that together with his company’s art director and their creative consultant generate ideas based on Budweiser’s goals and audience. They use photos, drawings, and what they call “mood boards” to create a presentation to sell to Budweiser.

Read the report here.

This commercial uses an editing technique called “cross cutting” between two different scenes.  The viewer starts understanding the relationship between the scenes and the story unfolds of the bond of the puppy to the horse. The planning and production technique could be applied to nearly any video. Investing the time and energy into planning to come up with ideas is the key to the success of this commercial. Learn more about promoting your brand in this article from the Daily Muse.

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