Oakland Ballot Measures

Oakland Ballot Measures, League of Women Voters

Oakland Ballot MeasuresThe League of Women Voters and AVC Video produced eight short videos that discuss the Oakland ballot measures. These are unbiased and present pros and cons of each measure. Click on a measure below to watch.

Oakland Infrastructure KK  http://avconsultants.com/measure-kk-oakland-infrastructure-bond/

Eviction and Rent Adjustment JJ http://avconsultants.com/eviction-and-rent-adjustment-ordinance-measure-jj/

Soda Tax HH http://avconsultants.com/measure-hh-tax-on-distributors-of-sweetened-beverages/

School Parcel Tax G1 http://avconsultants.com/measure-g1-school-parcel-tax/

AC Transit Parcel Tax C1 http://avconsultants.com/measure-c1-ac-transit-parcel-tax/

Affordable Housing in Oakland A1 http://avconsultants.com/measure-a1-affordable-housing-in-alameda-county/

Police Oversight LL http://avconsultants.com/oakland-measure-ll-police-oversight/

BART Measure RR http://avconsultants.com/measure-rr-bart-safety-reliability-and-traffic-relief

Oakland League of Women Voters http://www.lwvoakland.org/

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