Live Video Streaming

Facebook Live and YouTube live are the hottest ways to get noticed on the internet. AVC offers three cameras, live camera switching and live video streaming to clients’ Facebook and YouTube channels. If you don’t have a channel, you may use ours.

Do it yourselfers may run into a challenge when using a smartphone in the selfie mode. Smartphone audio is not good unless you have the phone close to the subject. However, close-ups with the wide angle lens on a smartphone can yield less than optimal results, as seen below.

Smartphone selfie videos can be less than flattering.
Pro cam portrait lens image on the left. Smartphone wide-angle lens on the right.

Another concern with selfie videos is that print is backwards. The phones use a mirror image as seen below.

Reversed, mirror image with a smartphone selfie
Smartphone selfies display print backwards

Give AVC Video a call or email us. We are happy to visit the location where you want live streaming to check the wired Ethernet connection. WiFi is a backup solution. We can broadcast to our Facebook and YouTube sites or yours.

Pro cameras for the best live video streaming.
Live streaming on Facebook, YouTube or both at the same time

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