Kickstarter Campaign for Our Fire Film

Kickstarter is an excellent tool to raise money for community causes and even films. Our client, filmmaker Margaretta K. Mitchell, just launched this Kickstarter campaign to help pay the costs for the film we made with her. Chronicling the devastating 1991 Oakland fire, the film shows how Oakland firefighters saved her William R Yelland home and how it was renewed to original architectural specs.

Many documentary films such as this benefit from donated time, as was the case with AVC’s editor, Mitch Silver, as well as other professionals. The Kickstarter campaign is set up to help reimburse these generous souls.

You can go to Mitchell’s Kickstarter site to make a pledge for as little as $15 and receive a notice on her website or a gift. The deadline is Nov. 14, 2012 and it will be funded only if the goal of $5000 reached.

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