Introduction to Live Streaming on YouTube

Facebook and YouTube live streaming
Alan adjusts one of the cameras for optimal picture and sound for live streaming.

Introduction to Live Streaming on YouTube

One of the cool things about streaming to YouTube is that you can link the live video stream to your FaceBook page and send two streams at once. You can use AVC’s YouTube page or use your own. Your page will need YouTube’s verification.

Within YouTube’s Creator Tool resides the link to Live Streaming. That’s where YouTube gives you the URL for streaming and the stream key. We enter these into our Sling streaming console.

YouTube offers these other tools:

With Stream Now, YouTube automatically starts and stops the video stream for you at the right time. According to the company, it is a “quick and easy way to go live.”

With Events, you can preview before you go live, and you have control over when to start and stop the video stream. YouTube, says it also provides “redundancy streams.”



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