Guide to Cue Cards

This one-page guide includes font and format suggestions and tips on using cue cards.

Guide to Cue Cards

Download our MS Word Template:

Use 48 point Arial Narrow bold,
and set the page to landscape.
Avoid hyphenation, and try to go to the next line
when there is a pause.
Go to the next page if a new sentence
won’t fit on the current page.
Put page numbers in a corner on front and back.
Print on card stock to avoid paper rustling.
Hold the cards just above the camera lens.
It’s ok to drop the cards on the floor when read.

4 thoughts on “Guide to Cue Cards

  1. I have been a cue carder for 33 years. I predate teleprompters (although I also prompted for a decade) and it literally takes YEARS to learn how to properly work the cards. The picture above shows that the sightline for talent is poor.

    My rate is and has been for 25 years, $500/guaranteed 10 . . . and I’m worth every penny.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Would you share with the readers here (me too) some of your techniques? Sometimes cards above the camera work better than below the camera, and since that photo, we have been working with larger cards.

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