Guest Blog: 2013 Marketing Trends to Consider for Success

Staying in touch with trends that can support or negatively impact your marketing success is key. From The Placemaking Group come these tips based on research in the news media. Read the whole story here.

Make sure your business is visible on mobile. About 55% of the U.S. population owns a smart phone, and 78% of them don’t leave home without it.

Video is exploding. You can use video to tell your story, either with your own product videos posted on your blog, YouTube or other social media, or by advertising on channels that your customers watch.

The Daily Deal is Dead: Consumers are losing interest and merchants are sour on offering such large discounts.

Marketing emails will become less “batch and blast” and instead more personalized, relevant and targeted based on real-time data.

Responsive Web Design Becomes Standard: The different devices through which we access the web just keeps on growing. With responsive web designs, designers make a single branded layout for mobile and desktop devices.

High-Value Content is King: Having a website, blog and social media pages isn’t enough anymore.  You also need good content (videos, articles, photos, menus, white papers, newsletters, product sheets) that are interesting and useful to your customers.

Read the whole story to learn more about these marketing trends. The Placemaking Group includes references to articles and research that support these trends.

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