Green Screen at AVC’s Studio

We set up AVC’s storefront studio to have virtually unlimited backgrounds using a green screen and special software from Serious Magic and Adobe. Ran One, a provider of training and marketing materials for accountants chose AVC to produce three short online videos for a web-based training package they were putting together for ADP, the large payroll processing firm. Mike Fleming of West Coast Video Productions set up a portable green screen over the back wall at AVC as well as a TelePrompter for our on-camera narrator to read from.

Russ Christoff was AVC’s first choice for an on-camera spokesperson for Ran One, and the client agreed. Fleming set up the Serious Magic software so we could see how Russ would eventually look against a variety of virtual backgrounds. AVC’s editor, Mitch Silver, compiled together the live video footage, graphic backgrounds provided by Ran One and a virtual office background. The result is a video that maintains the presence of the on-camera host as he takes us through the graphics and the office background.






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