Four Tips for Dynamic On-Camera Presentations

Stepping in front of the camera is frightening for some, exhilarating for others. No matter how you feel about facing the camera, you can greatly improve your performance by following these tips from Paula Statman of Standout Presentations

Tip # 1 Your goal is to look and sound natural. Ironically, that doesn’t mean that you should look and speak like you normally do. You must project a slightly larger version of yourself on camera to capture the right level of enthusiasm. The trick to expanding your presence is to feel passionate about your topic. If you don’t feel passionate about it, think about something else that conjures up that emotion and let it fuel your energy.

Tip #2 Using effective facial expressions on camera requires a little acting. Think of your audience as friends and supporters. Reassure them with your pleasing attitude and warm smile. Remember, what may feel like a thoughtful expression can read as a hostile scowl on camera. An insincere, pasted on grin is no better. Practice camera-ready expressions in the mirror so you know what works.

Tip #3 The best posture is a comfortable athletic stance with the feet shoulder-width apart, weight evenly balanced, knees flexed, arms and hands at the sides ready to gesture. Use gestures moderately to emphasize a point and make sure your gestures fit in the frame. Less is more on camera because the camera exaggerates your movements.

Tip #4 Use good vocal dynamics. Avoid speaking in a higher register or “flattening” your voice, especially when you are reading a script. Speaking too rapidly is a common problem that can be managed by adding pauses or over-articulating. “Punching” key words for emphasis will help you sound enthusiastic and tells your listeners what’s important. And no matter what your topic is, keep your tone conversational.

Paula Statman of Standout Presentations offers media coaching to people who want to deliver a memorable on-camera message that gets results. She also writes scripts and provides in-studio direction. For more information about her media coaching and to watch sample videos, visit or

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