Fertility Acupuncture Success Story

Watch Louise and her 19 month old child in a video testimonial for Maria Yung Acupuncture. Filmed on location by AVC Video, gentle music and soft lighting complemented the heartwarming story about…


the birth of a family


Soft lighting, calming music and the vision of the client, contributed to the success of this video. It shows the success of Chinese Medicine to remove barriers to fertility. Louise fully expected Layla to play with the toys she brought, to keep Layla off camera. But as soon as Louise started speaking, Layla walked in. Louise, not missing a beat, said, “This is little Layla. She’s 19 months old. She likes to color”  In the first 15 seconds, the story is told. Families who struggle with fertility can see who Louise refers to as “”my miracle baby.”

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