Client Guide – Location Filming

This helps our videographer(s) get in and set up with minimal disruption to your staff and includes sections on audio and using electricity.

by Stu Sweetow of Audio Visual Consultants

A little planning can keep the process smooth and productive.

What to wear on camera: Please refer to AVC Client Guide: Looking Your Best on Camera at
or contact us for a copy. Muted colors work best, and avoid fine lines small dots and fine patterns.

Building Entry and Parking: Try to secure a parking space as close as possible or arrange for access to a loading zone. The easier we can get equipment into the building and room we are shooting in, the less time participants will have to wait. Please make any arrangements with Security and secure permits if needed, including any that might be required to remove equipment from the premises.

Electricity: AVC crew will want to use electricity at the location for lighting and other equipment. Please make sure at least one outlet is available.

Microphones: If a presenter will be speaking on camera, we usually ask that he or she wear a clip-on wireless microphone. The mic clips onto a collar, so ask the presenter to wear a top with one. Also, the mic comes with a belt pack, similar in size to a small cell phone; the presenter will need a waistband or belt onto which the pack attaches.

Setup Time: The producer will let you know how much time is required to set up lights, mics and camera, but figure at least an hour of time. If the crew needs to live stream from the facility Ethernet connection or film in more than one room, there will be additional time needed.

Ambient Sound: Please try to keep noises to a minimum. Notify the producer in advance if there will be any construction or other sources of noise in your building or your neighbors’. During filming, cell phones and desk phones will need to be silenced.

Additional Visuals: The crew may wish to shoot “B-roll” or auxiliary shots of people at work, shots of buildings, and other interesting visuals. If you have photos, flyers, artwork, logos, signs or anything you think might enhance the look of the final video, tell the producer.

We look forward to keeping the filming a fun and enjoyable process. A little planning goes a long way to insure that goal.

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