Beyond the Talking Head: Video Concepts That Sell

Video Concepts Beyond the Talking Head

Here is the complete list of video concepts from Corporate Video Production, 2nd Edition, by Stuart Sweetow, Copyright, 2016, Focal Press. Do not copy without permission.

  1. Testimonial

A customer talking to your potential customer is your best sales tool. Some marketers may want to film several clients, but a single enthusiastic customer can engage the viewer on an emotional level. Sample testimonial video.

  1. Fake News

Audio Bone’s founder hired his daughter, an aspiring newscaster, to create a mock “Innovation Show” to report on this clever headphone system. Rather than cover the ears, Audio Bone transmits sound to the ear bones. Along with the interview is a demonstration of the product. Sample news video.

  1. Documentary Style

Produced by Stuart Sweetow for Oakland’s Kapor Center, this five-minute documentary introduces Anita Hill and Ellen Pao. Separated by time, but united in their common struggle for workplace equality, these courageous women changed the conversation on workplace bias and harassment. Anita Hill testified at the Clarence Thomas Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings, and Ellen Pao sued Kleiner Perkins for workplace discrimination. Sample video.

  1. Product Demonstration

If you have a product, demonstrate how it works. If you provide a service, show the steps you take to deliver the service. Use close-up shots, even if it is just someone on the phone or a computer screen. Sample video.

  1. Facility Tour

Whether you repair cars or have an office setting, you can take the viewer on a tour of your facility. It may be only introducing employees at their desks or showing you working on a project or even the computer screen displaying your process. Viewers continue to watch because they wonder what is coming next. Think of it as a tour of the White House, but without the Secret Service. Sample video tour.

  1. Infographic or Animation

This includes a digital whiteboard that looks like a hand is drawing on it. Animation can be detailed 3D or simple clip art set in motion. How about a line graph that grows? Infographics are charts, text and color that boldly tell your message. A voice-over narration usually accompanies an infographic or animation. See sample AVC animation.

  1. Subjective Camera Point of View (POV)

The viewer sees the point of view of the camera as it glides in and around a building or venue. This includes drone video footage.

  1. Drama/Parody

Use employees to act out a skit. This works best when a script has been carefully written and even better with professional actors.

  1. On-camera Narrator

Select an actor who represents your company who can walk and talk about the various ideas and items you want to show. Add photos, video clips and graphics to add visual variety. See sample with on-camera narrator.

  1. Talk Show/Panel Discussion

Set up a mock studio with a host and two or three guests who talk about your product or service. The company owner or manager could be a guest, or they can be the host—interviewing employees.

  1. Montage

Still photos and video clips that help to tell a story. You may have some photos previously taken.

  1. Photos/Stock Footage

Use news footage to dramatically tell the story of a problem that your product or service can solve. Music, narration and news headlines can provide visual variety.



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