A Good Script = A GREAT Video

A good script=a great video

We recently shot and edited a short video for our business networking organization, Success Link BNI. Knigi Glee of Glee Growth Strategies wrote the script, and it included different techniques to maintain fewer interest with a run time of only one minute 15 seconds. The focus was on visual variety to keep the viewers interested.


Goal of the video The objective was clear: attract visitors who would be prospective members. Members refer one another to provide business services. BNI chapters depend on a having enough members in their group to provide access to prospective clients so we can grow our businesses.

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Audience for the video Knigi’s script focused on an understanding of the audience: business people who want to find new clients.

Video concepts  The video incorporated a documentary-style. The script included voice-over narration, customer testimonial, and shots of people benefiting from it enjoying their networking time. 

Here is the video https://lnkd.in/gh8gqEi

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