3 Mistakes You Are Making with Video

While we love to produce videos here, we also edit other people’s videos. Here are the three top mistakes we see:

mic bluetooth

1. Not using microphones

This is a bluetooth wireless microphone system that works with a smartphone; there are several other microphones that work with cameras. Viewers need to clearly hear what you say. Relying on the camera to get you good sound usually yields disappointing results. Read Stu Sweetow’s Camcorder article about microphones.


iphone light

2. Not using lighting

This is an inexpensive LED light that mounts on a smartphone. Even a table lamp can better bring out your beauty. Relying on room light can limit brightness and color.  Read Stu Sweetow’s Camcorder article on lighting.



3. Talking too much.

Show the viewer what you are talking about, instead of mostly talking. Introducing your product or service at the beginning of your video is fine, but keep that intro short.

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Here are some of our recent video productions that may help you get ideas on optimal uses of video:

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