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 Dependability:  For 25 years AVC has provided its customers with videos on time and on budget.  We bring backup cameras and other gear on location. You can visit us at our storefront studio any day and know your videos are in good hands. We are fully insured and have all the necessary licenses and permits.

 Experience: Owner, Stuart Sweetow is the author Corporate Video Production, published by Focal Press, 2011.  He has a BA in Media Communications and started winning first-prize awards for his films and videos in 1970.  He taught video at UC Berkeley Extension for seven years and writes for several video magazines.  He supervises a crew of trained and experienced video professionals.

 Quality: We use broadcast-grade digital video cameras, wireless microphones, computerized video editing systems, DVD production and duplication equipment and top- grade gear to insure your videos look sharp and sound clear.  Call for a DVD video sample.

 Customer Service:  Our customers consistently tell us how pleased they are with the videos they get from AVC.  Stop by and see some of the letters of appreciation we get, or ask and we can send you some of these testimonials.

Founded in 1983, AVC provides a wide array of video production services to organizations and families. Our in-house equipment includes broadcast quality cameras, digital video editing and DVD authoring and duplication facilities. We provide custom on-disc DVD printing as well as a variety of DVD packaging.

AVC services include pre-production planning such as scriptwriting, site survey and client resources inventory. Distribution options include DVD and the Internet.

Audio Visual Consultants Video Production, Editing, DVDs

Visit our Storefront Studio:
3640 Grand Ave. 1st Floor (Suite 105)
Oakland, CA 94610

Phone: 510-839-2020
Fax: 510-839-6464

Open Mon - Fri 9:00 to 5:30

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AVC Staff

General email: info@avconsultants.com

Stuart Sweetow

Stuart Sweetow


Stu is the owner and video producer at AVC. He the author of Corporate Video Production published by Focal Press, 2011 and has over 100 articles published in video journals. Stu previously taught video at UC Berkeley Extension and has won several first place awards for his videos.


Mitch Silver


Post Production Manager Mitch Silver has been AVC's in-house editor since 2006, coming to AVC from Multi-Vision/Cision.


Jara Ra


Audio-Visual Videographer & Technician Jara Ra started with AVC in 2005, since providing duplication/transferring service, audio editing/recording, and studio & on-location video production services.


Rici Boyd


Bookkeeper Rici Boyd has been with AVC since 1993. She continues to provide AVC's clients and vendors with top-notch service.




To help people deliver their messages in the most effective ways. Video lets you combine moving images, well-selected words, music and graphics in ways that can elicit emotions in the viewer. Through the medium of video I hope to excite, motivate and inspire the viewer to take action, whether it is learning a skill, buying a product or participating in social action.



Author, Corporate Video Production, published by Focal Press, 2011
Video Instructor, University of California, Berkeley Extension
BA, Media Communications, Southern Illinois University
Graduate Study, Southern Illinois University and Chicago State University
Learning Resources Coordinator, University of Illinois-Ravenswood Hospital
Contributing Editor, EventDV Magazine
Wrote over 100 articles for video trade magazines
Self-Published Booklet "Guide to Video Production"